Stone Counter and Sink Disclaimer

With the natural beauty of quarried rock comes natural variation, and marble and granite are no exception. Marble, in particular, requires a little extra care because it is porous and softer than man-made stone, and thus can stain or scratch more easily. Granite is a harder surface, but can also stain or scratch. Natural fissures (small cracks), geological anomalies, voids, and uneven veining are common in marble, even from one end of a slab to the other, and are not considered defects. Indeed they are inherent in the very nature of real stone and thus desirable in many ways, adding to the natural artistry and individuality of each counter. The same is true with coloration, color density, and contrast within one slab of marble. Of course, as with all natural stone surfaces, it is recommended that sealant be applied every 6 months.

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